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Our factory in Yorkville, NY is one of the few remaining manufacturing facilities in the United States today.
Visit our different factory departments to see how your product will be made.

Design Department
Talented in-house designers create unique products.
Classically proportioned shapes are created that won't go out of style to give you timeless designs that become heirlooms of the future.
Form, color, and fabrics have crucial impact on our design development.
CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) equipment enhances our designer's and artist's capabilities.
From a blazing forge an old world craftsman quickly draws out a red-hot iron rod and shapes it expertly with muscle and a sledge.
This special art makes each element unique unto itself and the finished product a crafted, one-of-a-kind work.
Fabrication Department
We are a prime manufacturer. Starting with raw materials, we bend steel and roll iron into gentle curves and graceful scrolls.
We stamp our own steel embellishments in the form of leaves and other shapes. Those embellishments are braised and pre-welded prior to assembly. Our leaves stay put.
Using jigs and levels, we assure uniformity. Our chandeliers hang straight. Reinforcing spot welds keep the parts in place through years of enjoyment.
2nd Ave. Design is a U.L. shop.
All wired products meet standards set by Underswriters Laboratory assuring safety and quality.
We can also meet international wiring specifications necessary for installations outside the United States.
Hand Finishing
27 standard finishes are available on every product.
Multi-step processes beginning with a primer coat act to inhibit rust.
Layers of color applied by hand create depth and character not found on most other iron products.
Water-based paints are environmentally friendly and healthier for employees.
Quality Control
Every item is checked during the fabrication, wiring/assembly and paint processes.
A final check is performed for quality assurance before product proceeds to packing.
Handcrafting produces end results whose slight imperfections or variations are part of the charm and character of the finished products.
Recyclable CFC-Free packing foam offers superior protection while being free of ozone depleting chemicals.
Smaller boxes secured to the top and corners of main cartons contain crystal, shades, chain, canopy and any other items needed to complete your order.
We ship product throughout the country and around the world.